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  • Hospital Care

    TYPET provides comprehensive inpatient care in the safe and comfortable environment of the (97-bed) General Clinic “Hygeias Melathron”

  • Prevention · Diagnosis · Treatment

    TYPET’s members receive high-quality medical, pharmaceutical and hospital cover.

  • Kindergartens

    TYPET’s members can enroll their children in selected private nursery schools.

  • TYPET Camps

    TYPET’s summer camps give children the chance to satisfy and experience their need for physical activity, creative expression and socialization. TYPET’s summer camps are a source of fond childhood memories.

Who we are

The National Bank Personnel Mutual Health Fund is the NBG's employee and pensioner insurance body.

Our goal

The primary goal is to provide the best quality primary and secondary health care as well as outstanding social care to the insured members of TYPET.

Our vision

We aim to provide high quality and continuously improving health services and fulfill the social role of TYPET to its members.

Presentation of TYPET

Mutual Health Fund of National Bank of Greece Personnel

TYPET stands for the Greek acronym of the Mutual Health Fund of National Bank of Greece (NBG) Personnel. It is the social security organization of NBG employees, retirees and their respective families.
TYPET is a non-profit health insurance carrier. It is a self-administered Health and Prevention Organization, directed by an elected Board of 25 members, representing employees from all over Greece.
The mutual fund’s historic evolution has been very important. Founded in 1930 as an initiative of the Trade Union of the National Bank of Greece employees, notably before the establishment in 1934 of ‘the Institution of Social Insurance, Ι.Κ.Α’ by the Greek state, TYPET filled an important gap in state provision at the time.

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The Board of Directors of TYPET is elected by the employees of the National Bank of Greece for a three-year period and meets once a month.
The Presidium is elected by all members of the BoD.
For this period, the Board of Directors is composed of:

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Deputy Secretary-General
1st Vice-President
Member of the BoD

Anargyros BERDEKAS
Member of the BoD
Konstantina MINTZIA
Member of the BoD
Member of the BoD
Retirees’ Representative

Member of the BoD
Konstantinos VARELIS
Member of the BoD
Member of the BoD
Member of the BoD


Within the spirit of its non-profit status and social welfare activity, TYPET boasts three summer camps dedicated to its young members (7-15 years old).

TYPET’s long summer-camp experience, since 1946, contributes to high level programs for the participants that are focused on socialization, physical and mental exercise among others.


Operating in three geographical spots, TYPET’s camps invite every summer its young members from all over Greece to share UNFORGETTABLE, EXTRAORDINARY experiences of a lifetime.

Exchange programs

What is more, TYPET through its exchange programs hosts in its summer camps groups of teenagers  from many parts of Europe and beyond offering at the same time to its members aged 15 and 16 the opportunity to live in several destinations abroad (France, Germany…) broadening their mind, heart and spirit. This multicultural and multinational aspect provides an experiential and challenging environment to develop campers’ confidence and responsibility as citizens of the world.

  • Summer Camp of Dionysos

    Dionysos, suburb 25km from Athens. Set on the green slopes of Penteli Mountain, an area of 15 acres has been hosting children since 1949 and remains a modern, comfortable camp. Up to 800 children can be accommodated in bungalows or in large and perfectly safe tents.

  • Summer Camp of Sani

    Sani, 85km from Thessaloniki, on the northwestern shore of Kassandra, the westernmost among the three peninsulas of Chalkidiki. Our Northern Greece summer camp is situated in an enchanting site, which combines green landscape and clear blue sea. Up to 400 children can be hosted in comfortable bungalows, with an independent dining room where delicious meals, in quality and quantity, are served. The camp offers a variety of activities and new experiences on a daily basis, in a cool and relaxed environment.

  • Summer Camp of Loutsa

    Loutsa, Ionian coast village, located on the same-named beach, 37km from Preveza in western Greece. More precisely the aforementioned camp is situated by the Ionian Sea and surrounded by an exceptionally beautiful landscape. It offers to the campers the possibility to practice not only sea sports but also various activities such as mountain climbing, kayak and canoeing on Vikos River. The program of this camp is based on European models designed for small and flexible camps and is characterized by rich entertainment and a wide range of nature activities.

Summer Camps Activities

The thoughtful and educational everyday activities, including a ban of electronic digital devices, coupled with the tapestry of Greek-summer landscapes ensure that the summer-camp experience at TYPET is unique.

Outdoor: Swimming (3 pools in Dionysos, 1 pool in Sani), Water activities, Beach volley, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Archery, Hiking, Cycling, Canoeing & Rafting (Loutsa Camp), Interactive team games, Excursions…

Indoor: Arts & Crafts, Library, Music, Dance, Theatre…

Facility Services

Food: Everyday Mediterranean-cuisine food is prepared on premises daily providing to children a full board accommodation.

Medical Services: There is a 24/7 available medical care for children and camp’s working staff.

Languages Spoken: Greek, English, French, German.

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